A world of difference in every detail

At Maternity Angels, we have assembled only the finest in Singapore to provide you with an exquisite and memorable experience. Rigorous research, tastings and consultations with industry experts such as TCM practitioners, dieticians, nutritionists, confinement agencies and restaurant chefs is applied at every stage to bring you only the best.

Our confinement meals are meticulously designed, developed and executed by veteran chefs using natural and supreme quality ingredients. By transforming traditional confinement components into international dishes that focus on recovery, lactation and all-round wellness, our customers get to enjoy the best of both worlds.


Besides using only first-rate ingredients, our partners are leaders in their respective industries and handpicked through a strict selection process. Each brings with them a rich history and valuable expertise that will enhance the Maternity Angels experience. We are constantly innovating and improvising to bring you only the best — because that’s what our customers deserve.


Our customers are at the forefront at every stage of our decision-making process, from confinement diet planning to preparation and delivery. Enjoy not just our exquisite menu and dishes, but our client-oriented service too.


Start building a sustainable future for your little ones with Maternity Angels. We believe in the importance of being environmentally conscious and have taken steps to minimise our carbon footprint.

Confinement Food – All packaging materials used for delivery are reusable to reduce wastage.

Confinement Herbs – The drawers that our products come in can be reused to store your baby’s products such as diapers, nappy cream etc. You can also use our canvas carrier, which comes with every purchase, for day-to-day activities such as grocery shopping. This will help to reduce plastic bag consumption.

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